About AKV Inc.

AKV, Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of engine cycle counters as well as our NEW exceedence and trend monitoring (ETM1000) system for the helicopter industry. Our current product line includes the AS350, Bell Mediums and BK117 (EC145) and soon to be added AS332L Super Puma.

By using our engine cycle counters which utilize the engine manufacturers least conservative method, it guarantees lower cycle accumulation for your engines compared to the conservative pilot method. This means big savings over the life of the engine by maximizing the it's cycle life which in turn decreases the operational cost of your aircraft.

All of our cycle counters are field programmable which greatly eases the installation in existing aircraft by allowing current cycle accumulation's as well as flight and engine runs times for the cycle counter to be updated. Any future changes to the cycle counting algorithm required by the engine manufacture can also be updated using the field programming kit.

In 2012, AKV obtained Turbomeca validation for the Arriel 1 engine cycle counters installed in the AS350 and EC145. Through extensive testing, the validation guarantee's our cycle counters follow the approved algorithm for the Arriel 1 series engines.

Our NEW ETM1000 Exceedence and Trend Monitoring System is designed to provide an affordable solution by providing a turn-key system which includes the airframe wire harness and graphing software with NO yearly maintenance fees. Our goal is to provide today's technology in an affordable package that is easy to install and provide the ultimate in assurance for all operators. All parameters are continually monitored and record historical data with date and time stamp of normal conditions along with duration of exceedences. An instrument panel annunciator provides visual caution/warning indications, system health and audible warning side tones for the pilot's headset. All data is continually written to a removable SD card where the recorded data can be transferred to a PC running Microsoft Office Excel 2010 providing a legible format for viewing.

AKV is expanding its product line by continually adding make and model approvals, including foreign approvals from Transport Canada, EASA, Brazil and CASA. Future model additions for the ETM1000 will include the Bell 206 series and MD500 series.

We are continually looking for new applications and ideas, so if you have one - drop us a line!

Jonathan Gunn, President