Software Updates

AKV is pleased to announce that there is brand NEW software available for Arriel 1 Cycle Counters. The updated software is for use in the AS350 Cycle Counter P/N 350NGTEC and EC145 Cycle Counter P/N BK1172XCC.

In 2011 AKV worked closely with Turbomeca France to demonstrate the cycle counters ability to accurately conform to their new Arriel 1 cycle counting algorithm through extensive testing. The new software incorporates the latest change to the free turbine (Np) partial counting criteria. Existing Cycle Counters in the field must meet a min Rev D which is identified by the existence of (2) pushbuttons on the side of the device, marked as "screen" and "reset". Cycle Counters which only have the "reset" button must be returned to AKV for an upgrade which includes the Free Turbine (Np) wiring interface.

Prices are as follows:
  • Validated software upgrade. This costs $475.00 USD per cycle counter serial number and includes a Validation Certificate
  • Upgrade to the Cycle Counter. This costs $1,150.00 USD per cycle counter. It incorporates the Np interface and includes the Validated software and a Validation Certificate
As part of our ongoing efforts in the product improvement department, AKV has also redeveloped the Ground Support User Interface (UI) programming software used as part of the original kit, P/N CC-GSE. The NEW software is much easier to use and provides a better interface when used with Windows 7 64-bit operating systems.

The new Ground Support (UI) software is now shipped with all new programing kits. Customers wishing to upgrade their existing programming kits with the new (UI) version can do so for $245.00 per kit. The upgrade kit includes a new USB adaptor and software CD. This price does not include the Validated Linear software which must be purchased separately.

The Ground Support (UI) provides:
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy to load new values.
  • Easy to load program revisions.
  • Compatibility with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.
  • Windows 8 compatible.


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