Helicopter Engine Monitoring Systems

With our products, your operation will:

 Benefit from our innovative and patented wireless IOS FLI Repeater or Remote Gauge App for HESLO's

 Establish fleet continuity with an easy-to-use DAU monitoring systems for legacy & FADEC models

 Reduce your operating costs by maximizing your engine life-cycles

Eyes on the Prize

Maintain your primary engine instruments and external load Within the same sightline Utilizing our innovative & Patented IOS App.

Reduces pilot fatigue, helps to prevent exceedances and increases safety for both the aircraft and ground personnel

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Shine a light on exceedances.

Exceedances typically occur during high power demand and at a time when the pilot's attention is diverted from the instrument panel to the outside environment. If it happens, our ETM1000 and DCS1100 allow you know exactly what parameter was exceeded, its peek value and for how long the exceedance occurred. This enables maintenance to know exactly what inspection is needed to get your aircraft back to work. The ETM1000 is an essential tool for legacy lease operations.

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Post Flight Data at Your Fingertips.

Our ETM1000 and DCS1100 Graphing and Trending software provides an intuitive method to organize and view your data. Designed to help meet FAA FOQA and EASA CAT.POL.H.305 requirements for engine monitoring, the software is provided with no maintenance fees allowing you to keep your operational data private.

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Bring commonality to your mixed fleet of legacy & FADEC equipped helicopters.

In today's competitive environment, it's common for operators to have mixed fleets of helicopters. The ETM1000 and DCS1100 graphing software is designed to work with the B206, B407, UH-1, B204, B205, Eagle Single 212S, MD500, AS350B-B2 (Arriel1 and LTS101), AS350B2 (VEMD) and AS350B3 (H125).

Easily comply with Government & Corporate DAU System Requirements.

With the advent of technological improvements that have been adapted to the helicopter market, many government contracts now require Data Aquisition Unit (DAU) monitoring. Our ETM1000 is designed specifically for legacy helicopters that have many different transducers. For newer generation helicopters with FADEC, the DCS1100 is designed to take advantage of the ARINC data buss to record the many parameters that are available.

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