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EASA CAT.POL.H.305 Compliance

The AKV Exceedance and Trend Monitor ETM1000 is an Engine Data Acquisition Unit (EDAU). It provides legacy operators with a highly effective and affordable means to monitor and record all drive train parameters for exceedances and trending. The ETM1000 is the only system available that is programmed with the complete Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) operating limitations and helps prevent an exceedance from being recorded by providing alert tones to the pilot in conjunction with panel mounted pushbutton annunciators with caution and warning indication. A dedicated instrument panel mounted power check pushbutton and health indication is also provided.

As an option, the ETM1000 can stream real time recorded data via the built-in serial port to popular 3rd party Flight Data Recorders (FDR) systems, purchased separately.

Recorded data from the ETM1000 is easily offloaded via an SD card, or in real time when connected to a 3rd party satellite or cellular tracking system. This data is then viewed with the supplied graphing and trending software to meet FAA FOQA and EASA AMC2 CAT.POL.H.305(b) system requirements.

Parameters recorded include:

  • N1 - Gas Producer
  • N2 - Free Turbine
  • Nr - Rotor
  • MGT - Measured Gas Temperature
  • Tq - Torque
  • OAT - Outside Air Temperature Probe
  • PA - Pressure Altitude
  • Airspeed Switch
  • Flight Time
  • Engine Run Time
  • Engine Starts
  • Aircraft Registration No.

System Features include:

  • Field programming
  • Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
    via SD card
  • Power check recording
  • Interface with all existing engine and
    airframe signal generators
  • Optional 3rd party FDM/satellite
    data connection
  • Custom graphing / trending software
Custom Graphic Viewer

Included in this kit:

Available cycle counters for:

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