R22 installation kit shown

Robinson Helicopter Starter Interrupt Kit

Approved & Validated By:

EASA CAT.POL.H.305 Compliance

Don't think it will ever happen to you. Now you can ensure it never does!

No more R22/R44 engine start-up over speeds and help prevent hot starts in the R66!

AKV has the first of its kind, simple and affordable solution for any Robinson Helicopter operator with our Robinson Helicopter Starter Interrupt (RHSI) kit.

The RHSI is a patented system that is FAA approved (EASA pending) to stop on ground engine startup over speeds and help prevent hot starts.

An over speed in the R22/R44 can easily cost 50K or more when you consider costs associated with engine removal, inspection teardown, engine rebuild, engine installation and lost revenue for flight schools, leasing companies or P135 operators. If a hot start happens in the R66, one can only shudder to think!

The RHSI kit prevents the engine from being started with the throttle open in the R22, R44 & R66 and in addition, with the fuel cutoff open in the R66. It can be installed in the field and is pre-assembled and tested at AKV to provide trouble free, easy installation. The pilot is provided with an amber condition light that indicates correct system operation before and after every start.

Get lifelong protection with peace of mind.

Included in this kit:

Available cycle counters for:

Everything you need to fully install this system is provided including all hardware and electrical connectors.


Very simple and works perfect!

"This system works not just for preventing an actual engine over speed on start, in the owner / operator point of view it’s a great peace of mind that nobody will over speed the engine on start up. This system is very simple and works perfect.”

Ken Obi, Owner
Orbic Helicopters, Camarillo