Left Lateral Bell Crank Bushings and Reamers

Approved & Validated By:

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EASA CAT.POL.H.305 Compliance

These bushings are provided as a locally made item approved by the OEM (Airbus). They are machined from Airbus specified materials to the required dimensions. Standard dimensions are readily stocked with oversized bushings available upon request.

8 and 10mm Reamers are also available as an option.

Installation approval is via a Airbus maintenance procedure letter and is approved for use on the EC130.

Included in this kit:

Available cycle counters for:

  • Bushing P/N 350-63-30-00-773
  • 8mm Reamer P/N TWE21033
  • 10mm Reamer P/N TWE20155
  • 10.35mm Reamer P/N ALV10763
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