Np (Free Turbine) Tachometer Generator Kit

Approved & Validated By:

EASA CAT.POL.H.305 Compliance

The Arriel 1B engine was not supplied by the OEM with the Np Tachometer Generator for the Airbus AS350B and BA. After installing the kit on the engine gear box, the tachometer generator kit provides a means for the Arriel 1B engine to produce the required Np Signal.

This signal is then utilized by the Arriel 1 cycle counter to allow the AKV Cycle Counter to monitor and record the required Np Cycles. Furthermore, it also produces the required signal to drive the AKV Dual Tachometer Indicator (sold separately) in place of the Airbus rotor only indicator.

Included in this kit:

Available cycle counters for:

Kit P/N 350B1-64550-007-1 and associated mounting hardware, electrical connector, drawings and SAFRAN approval. 2 conductor wire supplied by installer.

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