DCS1100 & FLI Repeater iOS App

Wireless Bluetooth Gauge Relocation

Wireless Bluetooth Gauge Relocation

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EASA CAT.POL.H.305 Compliance

The DCS1100 and FLI Repeater iOS App is what every AS350 utility operator has been waiting for. Developed for the AS350B3 (H125) with the 2B, 2B1 and 2D engines, the iPad or iPhone App precisely replicates the VEMD FLI display and wirelessly transmits the data to your iPad or iPhone. With the Bluetooth antenna remote mounted for signal integrity and your iPad or iPhone mounted next to the external load floor window, it allows you to place your power instruments where you need them. While the App is not an STC approved component of the DCS1100, it is a powerful reference tool that makes use of the many capabilities of the DCS1100 to assist pilots in helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO) by both reducing the potential for exceeding limits, reducing fatigue and increasing safety for personnel on the ground. Best of all, your iPad or iPhone can then be used in multiple aircraft making the DCS1100 and FLI Repeater a “must have” tool for HESLO.

The brains behind the FLI Repeater is the DCS1100 which is FAA, TCCA, EASA & ANAC STC approved as a data collection system. The DCS1000 gathers real-time power train parameters from the VEMD crosstalk channels and records it at a1Hz resolution for post flight analysis via our graphing and trending software. The DCS1100 then transmits the data in real-time via Bluetooth to our patented FLI Repeater iOS App. Robust operation of the App is assured with built-in integrity monitoring via the DCS1100 of the VEMD and receipt of the transmitted data within the App. If anything is compromised, the App provides an instant pop-up warning message.

Recorded data from the DCS1100 is easily offloaded via thumb drive or in real time when connected to a 3rd party satellite or cellular tracking system. This data is then viewed with the supplied graphing and trending software to meet FAA FOQA and EASA AMC2 CAT.POL.H.305(b) system requirements.

Supplied PC interface software allows you to program the many features of the DCS1100.

Included in this kit:

Available cycle counters for:

The DCS1100 and FLI Repeater kit is supplied with the wire harness, assembly, graphing/trending software and iOS App (iPad/iPhone not included).

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